Mason & Hamlin

“The Stradivarius of Pianos”

Mason & Hamlin (established 1854 in Boston) is known among pianists, musicians, teachers, composers, conductors, and piano aficionados as an iconic American piano that is ranked “supreme among pianos.”

The warm, rich tone of Mason & Hamlin scales and designs has been highly praised by some of the world’s most famous and accomplished musicians The general public might find some of the testimonials that follow to be “best kept secrets” – probably owing to the fact that Mason & Hamlin, unlike Steinway and Baldwin, never had a formal Concert and Artist program.

Mason & Hamlin Testimonials

“Mason & Hamlin is a real work of art.”Maurice Ravel
French pianist, composer
[Made his American debut in 1928 playing the CC 9í4î Mason & Hamlin]
“Mason & Hamlin is the Stradivarius of pianos”Yehudi Menuhin
Concert violinist
“The Mason & Hamlin pianos represent the most perfect example of the piano maker's art.”Harold Bauer
Concert pianist, violinist
“As the piano is supreme among musical instruments, so I think the Mason & Hamlin is supreme among pianos.”Alexander Brailowsky
Concert pianist
“I’ve never been so completely satisfied with any piano as I have been with the Mason & Hamlin.”Ossip Gabrilowitsch
Noted Russian-American pianist, conductor
“Keep in mind a well-maintained piano can be a good investment. Prestigious brands, such as Mason & Hamlin, actually can increase in value.”Stacy Downs
Knight Ridder News Service, The Oregonian