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Concert & Event Piano Rentals

For All Occasions

Classic Pianos maintains the most impressive fleet of rental pianos for performance and promotional use on the West Coast. Select from professional uprights and grands ranging from six-feet to nine-foot concert grands. We feel honored to provide Yamaha's new and highly-acclaimed CF-Series grands, which have made an incredible impact on the Classical Music community worldwide. Take a look at who is using these pianos today: At the highest-level of performance, more artists are now choosing the Yamaha CF-Series pianos than any other brand.

For information, or to reserve a piano, please contact our C&E Department:
(425) 462-1888 or


Brand Model Size Color Monthly Rental
Yamaha b1 43" console Polished Ebony $79.00
Yamaha b2 45" studio Polished Ebony $99.00
1. Piano rental is on a month-to-month basis. Rent is due one month after the piano is delivered to your home.
2. Piano renter will be responsible for normal maintenance of the piano including regular tunings.
3. The initial charge includes piano delivery and pick-up fee plus the first month’s rent, which is due upon signing the rental agreement.
4. Classic Pianos will credit up to six (6) months of rental payments toward purchasing any piano in our store, including your rental piano.

*For example, you have decided to rent the Yamaha b1 piano for six months. You live in Bellevue, no steps involved in the delivery. Before we deliver this piano to you, you need to come to our store and sign a piano rental agreement with us and pay the first month’s rent ($79.00) plus the piano delivery and pick-up fee ($199 x2). So the total you need to pay before the piano can be delivered is: $477 plus Tax (10%=$47.70) = $524.70