Steinway and Sons Model A (2007)

Manufacturer: Steinway and Sons
Model: Model A
Finish: Polished Mahogany
Year: 2007
Serial Number: #583933
Description: The Steinway Model A has been a favorite among Steinway enthusiasts for well over a century. The early historical models are responsible for design attributes that helped shape the modern piano as we know it today. At 6’2” this piano provides a large tone and sustain that is usually only found in models one to two sizes larger. Because of this, Steinway actually ceased production of the A models in 1945 as they were impacting the sales of the larger and more expensive model B. Steinway fans never let up on the request to bring back the model A, and finally in 2005, Steinway brought the model A2 back to into production. Like the historical model A’s, this piano projects a large beautiful tone full of color, nuance, and a wide dynamic range. The keyboard plays very responsively at a medium touch weight that will please most serious piano players. This piano was originally purchased in Seattle by a very accomplished pianist. In their home, it sat positioned next to a Bosendorfer upright, and was very meticulously cared for, and maintained by one of Seattle’s finest piano technicians. This is a great opportunity for someone searching for a near perfect model A at the fraction of the cost of new.
Price: $59,900