Concert & Event Piano Rentals

Concert & Event Piano Rentals

Easy and Affordable Piano Rentals in Seattle, Washington for your Concert or Event

Concert & Event Piano Rentals

We are happy to accommodate any type of rental to
ensure your event is memorable

Classic Pianos maintains an impressive selection of professional-grade Yamaha pianos for performance and special event use. Select from uprights or grands, ranging from under 6-ft. to full 9-ft. concert pianos

Rental fees range from $450 – $950 per event. Delivery fees range from $225 – $475 (excluding special circumstances).

Additional services are available upon request:

  • On-site piano tuning
  • Weekend delivery or delivery outside the Seattle area
  • Short-notice piano rentals

To fully meet your needs, we recommend a two-week notice for piano rental reservations.

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