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Bösendorfer 280 VC Liszt

The new Concert Grand 280VC – Vienna Concert – takes audiences and artists by surprise. Our engineering team has established a symbiosis of Bösendorfer’s legendary traditional approach to piano manufacturing and most recent, sophisticated scientific modelling and measuring technology. This Concert Grand has been reimagined from scratch, yet, remains true to our sound philosophy, further advancing our resonance case principle. Renowned pianists – trusted masters in the art of sound crafting – have been involved in perfecting the acoustic articulation of our 280VC.
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Length: 9' 2"
Finishes: Gloss Ebony, Satin Ebony




The elegantly sleek silhouette reflects the ease of this instrument in projecting brilliant soundwaves, just effortlessly. A sound as clear as diamonds, yet playfully gleaming like beaming sparkles of light.

Breathtaking dynamics, astounding colours and exhilarating brilliance: the new Bösendorfer Concert Grand 280VC – Vienna Concert – represents the culmination of Bösendorfer’s legendary approach to piano manufacturing. The next generation of the Bösendorfer Concert Grand. Pure emotion at play.

1828, Vienna: When Ignaz Bösendorfer started his own piano manufacturing company the young virtuoso Franz Liszt is ruining almost every piano with his passionate playing. At this time, there are nearly 150 piano builders in Vienna alone, which actually illustrates the importance of piano music. Following the advice of his friends Liszt selects a Bösendorfer Grand for his concert and, in fact, this piano withstands his powerful performance. Bösendorfer becomes famous overnight. A close friendship shall evolve between Franz Liszt and Bösendorfer. This Bösendorfer Grand, crafted with precious Vavona veneer, is a tribute to this exceptionally talented, pianist and composer, who himself owned quite a few Bösendorfer Grands. The close relation with Bösendorfer is documented by more than 40 letters and telegrams written by Liszt. Pianists have always found a reliable partner in a Bösendorfer Grand. Artists do not have to limit their virtuoso play in any way and may unleash their artistic play freely. Like Liszt once did.

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