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Showcasing Willow Bader, Internationally Known Artist, & Classic Pianos Partner

Willow’s beautiful paintings are hung throughout the piano gallery at Classic Pianos Bellevue to announce a special offer for you. With the purchase of select pianos, you will receive the gift of an original hand portrait, painted by Willow, of your hands playing your new piano! Both piano and painting perfectly capture the love of music and become cherished additions to your home. One masterpiece deserves another!

Willow’s journey to painting dancers, musicians, and other pleasures of life is as fascinating as her unusual medium. In art school, she studied oil painting and discovered encaustic – the ancient process of painting with hot, pigmented wax and resin. The unique texture and glow of the medium captured her, and over the years, she has evolved her own technique and style. Once Willow also discovered tango, she was inspired to express dance movement and mood in encaustic. From painting dancers, it was an easy step to paint musicians.

Visit our showroom to find a piano you’ll love.

You’ll experience the gallery of Willow’s beautiful encaustic art, available for sale in the showroom, and learn how to acquire a hand portrait of you or a family member playing your new piano.

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Willow is both a talented artist and an inspiring person. Her warm and positive personality shines through in her art as emotion and sensitivity. You will see that her paintings are truly one-of-a-kind.

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